RL décor is aware of the need to respect the environment and human health and is committed to respecting the most rigorous national and European legal, regulatory and normative provisions and to ensuring that its subcontractors respect these provisions.

As such RL décor:

– is a member of ECO-DDS and therefore contributes to the recycling of waste and packaging for coatings and glues placed on the market by the company,

– is a member of ECO-Emballage, therefore contributes to the treatment and recycling of packaging for all products placed on the market by the company,

– complies with the REACH regulation by banning from its formulations all products listed as harmful by this REACH regulation,

– prefers solutions with a very low rate of release of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) into the atmosphere, i.e. products bearing the A+ logo,

– ensures complete TRACABILITY of all its products from the raw material purchased to the final product purchased by the consumer and for this purpose, each product bears a batch number to trace the complete supply chain.