Renovation and pleasure are playing together

Our company is specialized in interior renovation solutions, aswell for private houses, as for collective building or establishments open to public.
RL Décor designs, produces and distributes solutions to make renovation easier for the DIYers beginners, or DIYers expert or professionals.


Innovation is one of the major goals of our strategy to provide easier customer solutions with additional benefits that appeal.
In May 2018 we have just launched a product solution that in a single gluing operation both “renovates, decorates and protects” …

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RL Decor conscious of the necessity of respecting both the environment and the health of people undertakes to follow the most rigorous national and European legal, regulatory and normative provisions and to make these provisions respected by …

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It is important for us to give our customers and the customers of our customers, the same level of listening and service that we expect from our own suppliers. Therefore we make all efforts to respond quickly to all questions  (phone assistance) …

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