New Collection

We have just developed for the year 2020, which is fast approaching, a new collection of wallcovering products presenting new facets of the worlds of renovation and interior decoration.

You will discover new possibilities among

1/ A range of five Decorative wall coverings to be painted, based on micro glass beads glued on a resistant glass fibre support.

2/ A range of 7 wall coverings to be painted, decorated with slight decorative reliefs. The base product is a strong 160 gr/M2 non-woven fabric, the visible side of which reproduces a material effect in relief.

3/ Fiber glass textiles (mesh or plaster patterns) with thermo-acoustic properties laminated on a 3 mm thick polyester fibre insulation as back side. These products allow both to

  • Smooth out 1mm irregularities in the support,
  • Improve thermal comfort by greatly reducing the impression of cold walls
  • Absorb reverberations for a more pleasant listening to conversations or music inside the room. (Alpha Sabine of 0.15)

4/ A range of 4 magnetic adhesive boards (or repositionable as the case may be), allowing documents to be attached with magnets, annotations to be written or drawn with chalk or marker as the case may be. You will have the choice of the color of the painting: black, green or white.

These four product ranges, you will be able to discover them

  • now on our website by clicking here
  • or on catalogue from December in the decoration department of each Leroy Merlin store.

Once you have made your choice, you can place your order online or in store.

We wish you a pleasant discovery of our new collection.